The Way of Life Series


Have you read Survivor, the award-winning prequel to The Way of Life series? If not, you should quickly grab your e-copy of the IHIBRP recommended read, because “Out of the Dark”, book 1 of the series is now up for preorder, to be released on
May 20, 2018!


“You’d rather have me wonder what happened to you?” he asked.
“You can stop wondering if you want to,” she told him. “But you can’t stop knowing.”

Josie would rather bite off her tongue than tell Jim about her past. The past that made her spend a lot of time in clinics and therapy. The past that still gives her nightmares she wakes from screaming.

But then the past almost repeats itself.
Only this time, Jim is there to protect her – at a tremendous cost.

Readers’ voices:

“The author uses descriptive narrative incredibly well, so that the reader lives each character’s experiences with them and becomes deeply involved in their lives.”

“I think the author did a great job at developing interesting and deep characters. The detail is extraordinarily crafted. The story of Josie is so beautiful and Jim is such a great supporting character.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is completely different to other novels out there.
Unique and thought-provoking.”


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