The Westwood Witches by Sarah Northwood

41z2+JNKEtLLiving in the Westerwald (Westwood) region in Germany, I HAD to read this book. I’ll keep a close look-out if anyone around me displays magical notions. This YA adventure sure is imaginative! Time and again I thought ‘Oh, what a neat idea!’ or ‘What? I didn’t see that one coming.’ while reading.

17 year-old Aero’s life changes dramatically when she finds out she belongs to a family of powerful witches – and has some powers of her own she simply hasn’t discovered yet.

Aero is your average teenager, going to school, struggling with herself and the rest of the world, getting bullied and hanging out with her bestie. But when her Grandma dies, she is devastated, because they were real close. Grandma left her a bit of magic and Aero soon discovers that there is a lot more to the world than she ever dreamed of.

On the whole, I highly recommend this story, because it will grip you with its twists and turns, touch your heart with loving relationships and keep you in suspense with a very dark side hovering around the corner.

And yet I feel the story could have been more. It opens up so many wonderful thoughts and worlds to dive into, but it only grazes them. It doesn’t delve deeper, into the shadow realm for example. The author built up my expectations until I was hungry and yearning to learn all about it, but then we pay it only a short visit and I thought ‘This was all?’. I would have loved to stay longer and take a look around.

If I had written this story, I would have put a different focus, would have spent less time analyzing feelings and relationships and more time playing with magic. My focus would have been more on the legends than on the present, more with the magical creatures than the ordinary people. But I haven’t written it, couldn’t have written it because these unique ideas never occurred to me.

So please, read it for yourself and form your own opinion about where you would have put your focus. You certainly won’t regret it!


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