The Dragonheart Stories by Jane Jago

The Dragonheart Stories: Fairytales for Grownups (English Edition) von [Jago, Jane]

I now have a much clearer understanding of what Fairytales for Grownups are. Phew, steamy! But also incredibly rich in imagination.

While reading this collection of short stories, I felt like seeing a slide show of a much larger universe, glimpses of a realm I knew nothing about beforehand. The descriptions made me feel as if I should have known about these things because they were referred to with the ease of familiarity.

So you don’t know about Dragonheart? That’s YOUR problem. You had no idea dragons could appear as human beings? Oh, well, poor you. You thought you knew something about dragons and their laws and how they live? Think again.

I will now go and rifle through this author’s publications to see if there be more dragons.

I encountered Jane Jago on Facebook, enjoying her poetry immensely because it is witty, linguically perfect and often dotted with a humorous sarcasm I really enjoy. If you aren’t following her on FB yet, I highly recommend doing so!


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