Due to various projects I’m working on at the moment, I will not be able to keep up the regularity of my blog posts the way you, my dear followers, are used to.

I’m very happy that both my translating and my writing business are taking up so much of my time at the moment, that reading – and with that also reviewing – and writing posts for this blog need to step down on the priority ladder.

I had made nice plans for chats with authors this year, and hopefully will realize them at some later point in time, but right now the focus is on getting book 5 in my German Jabando series written – which the publisher moved up a spot to make it book 4, because book 4 is a Christmas story and cannot be published in January. So the first time in my writing career, I’m working with a deadline. In addition to translating books for other authors, I am also translating my own English books into German, hoping to publish them eventually.

This also means I’m currently not continuing work on ‘The Silent Maid’, as the day only has 24 hours and there is a family, home and horse here to take care of as well. So I hope you bear with me and enjoy the little pieces I’ll be able to share as time allows.


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