January Recap

Bild könnte enthalten: Baum, Himmel, Pflanze, im Freien und Natur

Can you believe that 2019 has already shed one month? I remember that time had no relevance for me as a child. If ever I noticed its passing, it was because it had a tendency to drag out like chewing gum. Never did I wonder how come another week already passed. Talking to my children about this lately, their experience is totally different. They perceive the fast passing of time and even comment on it. It makes me wonder, if time has really sped up over the past 40 years.

In my Bible studies I’ve been reading the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah lately, as well as giving Revelations another run-through for research reasons (I’m basing my current WIP on it, what a challenge!). Looking at the strange developments throughout the world, I do wonder if everything is drawing to a close, like water going down a drain that speeds up and creates a twirl before disappearing altogether.

Especially when watching the news, taking in wars, migrants drowning in the Mediterranean while Europe turns a blind eye, natural disasters, global warming and all those other disquieting issues, I catch myself thinking ‘It’s enough. Please, Jesus, come back soon. Put a stop to this craziness. I want peace, your peace.’ How blessed I am to have this hope accompanying me through every day.

A busy month January was for me. Apart from a long list of doctor’s appointments with various family members and some not so nice experiences along the way (I never thought I’d ever get kicked out of a dentist’s office for not agreeing to the recommended treatment!), I have started a new translation project, worked on book 5 of my German Christian children’s adventure series, made slow progress with the translation of my Way of Life series into German, contacted a professional cover designer to create some stunning covers for the series and helped some fellow Indies with proofreading. Two of my German books are published now and collecting positive feedback, while my publisher has secured our cooperation all the way through 2020.

It feels so right, this decision to go freelance. I’m deeply grateful to be able to do what I love and touch people’s lives in a positive manner along the way. My personal little light that I may hold up to fight the darkness in this world.

Bild könnte enthalten: Baum, Himmel, Pflanze, im Freien und Natur

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