Would you like to have your book reviewed?

Every month I accept a limited number of books for review. BUT:
I have decided not to waste my time reading things I do not enjoy. You may offer your book to me for review by sending me your buy link through the contact form. I will vet it and if it is something I would like to read, I will buy it and review it. If not, I will let you know. To say it right up front, I do not read horror or erotica. Please do not be offended if I reject your book, it is a matter of personal taste.

I post my reviews on this blog, sharing them on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook (on my author page and in various groups). I will post a recommendation in a huge German readers group because many Germans enjoy reading in English. I am also a guest reviewer for the Book Review Directory.

In addition, if there is a character in your book I particularly like, I will interview that character – provided you are interested in that. I will contact you and send you a list of questions. With the interview I will also add a link and photo of your choice. Of course, this interview will also be shared on social media!

Why you will not find any rating on my blog, read here.

I believe in mutual support!