Wingless by Heather Trim

Following the airy YA adventure of Wingbound, which ended in a dragon-infested battle chaos, Wingless picks the story of the flying island Ellery up and moves it along at a good pace.

We meet almost all our familiar characters in prison – winged and wingless alike, which makes the reader wonder what is going on. Things are cleared up pretty soon and the Balfourians have only one wish: To get home to their village in one piece. Or do they?

It’s hard to describe this story without giving away any of the twists that make it so enjoyable. Let me just say that black and white no longer exist, there are good guys and bad guys with and without wings and Ledger, Tolliver and the rest of the crew have as much trouble figuring out whom to trust as the reader.

Personal relationships and development of characters are clearer, more natural and more intense than in book 1, fuelled by the introduction of new friends and foes.

The only criticism I have is that the ending is a bit too smooth. Given the characterization of the bad guys, I doubt that the massive changes necessary to achieve peace between the winged and wingless people would be possible as described. But if you enjoy a happy ending, this book will have you close it with a deeply satisfied sigh.


The author kindly provided me with an advance copy for this review. If you would like to know more about the series, click here for an interview with Hollis, the girl who thinks dragons make wonderful pets. 


Safe Cages by Michelle Bolanger

SafeCagesSAFE CAGES is about two gay men who come to faith in Jesus. The story follows their journey to that faith, and how their decision ultimately affects them, their relationship, their family, and the church they join.

SAFE CAGES is an emotional roller coaster ride. No matter what your thoughts on homosexuality are, Bolanger is going to grab you with her sensitive descriptions of two human beings desperately in love with each other.

I would never have picked up this book if the story hadn’t included a Christian angle. Knowing the controversial discussions coursing through all denominations of churches all over the world, I was extremely curious what the author would make of this topic. What she made of it was an honestly raw glimpse into the hearts and souls of two men who not only face the judgmental hostility of many church-goers, but who also struggle with their own identity in the eyes of a God who clearly claims two contradictory things: Homosexuality is a sin and He loves every human being exactly the way he or she is.

Bolanger’s writing is powerful and emotional; she had me in tears more than once, aching with her protagonists. I wish more Christians had the courage to live a non-judgmental attitude like supporting character Drew and truly accept people just the way they are instead of slamming church doors in the faces of human beings who need help and support. I hope this book will be read by many people, no matter whether they are gay or straight, Christian or not, married or single or anything in between, because there is a lot of wisdom about relationships in its pages.

This book is a must-read!

The author kindly provided me with an advance copy of SAFE CAGES.

Due to the outstanding depth of this book and its characters, the touching writing style and the thought-provoking impact it must have on readers, I award ‘Safe Cages‘ with my ‘Chatworthy Read’ badge. Congratulations to the author!