Would you like to have your book translated into German?
With 40 years of reading experience in both English and German and 25 years of translation experience, I am perfectly equipped to render your work into another language, keeping your personal style alive as best as possible.
It is easy to translate a text word by word, but making a translation sound natural and flowing is as challenging as creative writing. There are phrases and figures of speech in English that will mean nothing to a German – and vice versa.
I am at home in both languages. In addition, I am an author with published books in both languages and hold a translation certificate issued by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

For literary translations, I charge between 0.03 and 0.05 EUR per word, taking into consideration the topic and length of the book and the difficulty of the language. Knowing full well that self-published authors are not rich, as a rule, I’m willing to negotiate this price and find a solution compatible to the financial situation of the author.

I will gladly provide a trial translation of up to 1,000 words free of charge. Once a contract is signed, the fee may be paid in two or more instalments, depending on the length of the book, with the first instalment due up front and the final instalment due upon completion.

Presently, I estimate two-three months for the translation of a 50,000 word novel. Please contact me for details and availability.

For letters or short documents, the price is 0.10 EUR per word. Difficult texts (such as legal documents, contracts or scientific texts) will be 0.14 EUR per word.

If you are interested in this service, please contact me through the contact form and we will discuss details. Should the above named prices be still too much for you, please contact me anyway. We will find a solution.


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